As we make our way through the pandemic and everything we once knew is shaken up! I wanted to take this pause with SOUL design as we once were and see how we can also lean in and adapt and ultimately emerge from this pandemic with a clear intention that has all our fingerprints on it. A few notes from our team:

1. What insights have you gained the most from the pandemic/lockdown? This can be anything from thoughts on work/relationships/what's important to you/ what you have enjoyed doing etc?

2. What will you be most grateful for when the pandemic is over?

3. In what ways do you think Soul can become more 'soulful' as we step in to this new normal and when we emerge as an active business after this lockdown?



1. Life is not easy, sometimes we have difficult times and we need to take care of our lives, stay strong and positive and enrich the experience of our lives. Life is too short and we don't know what tomorrow will bring us. Connect with people and friends and family. Spread love and support.

2. I have had time to share love with my loved ones. We have less violence and people are donating with food parcels to the communities. The president is putting food on our tables through community outreach and we are so grateful for this.

3. Soul is going through difficult times during lockdown but we will get through this. No income for the company is hard but we will build it up again. We are trying to make some interesting new things and designs. I am willing with all my heart to help wherever I can.



1. I have come to realize that spending time with our family, getting to know one another and understand each other is something special. The rhythm of life can change in an instant but it's important to keep that inner peace and know that God is at work.

2. I am most grateful for my family who keeps me company during this time but also my SOUL design family for all the support, comfort and healthy food recipes.

3. I think we have to come to know each other more during this time. The communication, sharing of ideas and utmost care for each others wellbeing must continue into our work space and we can draw inspiration from it as we work on Soul jewellery. 




1. Wow - this list could be very long but as an immediate thought - Gratitude.  To be home with immediate family, in a house with space and a garden, to have food on the table..  But at the same time it has raised awareness of the vast inequality across societies in our country and the need to give back. We are not all in the same boat at the end of the day, and we are personally very lucky. 

2. Personally I'm loving being able to take a long deep breath in life but I look forward to spending time with friends and extended family, and sending the kids back to school!

3. The giving back element that is so vital in our country and so important to do - finding creative ways to weave this into our and every business will be more important that ever as we emerge from this crisis. 



1. I have learnt that things to change with our knowledge

2. Everything happens for a reason

3. We enjoy working with Soul and improving our livelihood.