For a little boy who is close to our hearts...


Litha is the little boy of SOUL Design’s  studio manager, Nontembe. In June 2019, aged only 4 years old, Litha underwent open heart surgery and was fitted with a pacemaker.  It was a really tough time for both mother and son and we wanted to create a piece that would mark his recovery and look brightly into his future.

The bracelets were designed Bells, Abi's 11 year old British niece.  After spending time with him on a trip to South Africa and feeling inspired by his story, Bells designed a bracelet with a heart charm for Litha.  She says, “This bracelet is a sign of bravery. When you wear it, it helps you become more confident and conquer your fears. This bracelet will help you through the tough times—just like Litha had to go through."

All profits from the sale of our Litha Bravery bracelets are donated to a fund set up for Litha’s future.