About Us

Welcome. This is the home of SOUL Design.

In the heart of Kalk Bay, a beautiful seaside harbour village just out of Cape Town, you’ll find some pink steps weaved with bourganvilla flowers. Follow the music up the stairs, to where the sea views are the best and you’ll find our creative boutique, our studio and our open workshop space…

Hi, I’m Abi, the original founder of SOUL Design. I was born and raised in London, but with one foot always in Africa, a place that has always felt like home to me since I was little, and growing up coming here every year with my South African mother. I love discovering new places and people that inspire me, and Africa is filled with them. Having lived in Malawi and Zambia, I now happily call Cape Town home.

Hi, I’m Vics and I started working behind the scenes with SOUL Design in 2018, and officially became partners with Abi in July 2020. This coincided with the opening of the SOUL Design retail boutique in Kalk Bay (in the middle of a pandemic no less) and the start of our soulful clothing journey that I initiated. I grew up in New Zealand, and went against the traffic when moving to South Africa with my South African husband in 2002 (also Abi’s cousin!). As it does with most people, Africa very quickly got into my blood and I have loved travelling and exploring the continent, more recently with three children in tow…My husband and I are avid collectors of gorgeous African pieces that we fill our own home with.

Together, we connect with talented artisans who we collaborate with to create SOUL designs, each handmade using local materials. They’re keepsakes of modern African creativity, each telling a story about a different part of the continent.