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Even though he has a nomadic spirit, Beks has his heart and his feet very much in Africa soil and he strives to leave his own positive impact on the continent through his passionate commitment to it's wildlife and it’s people.

I first met Beks around 2014 through my work in safari lodge interior design when I did some design work for his safari company, African Bushcamps (

To get to his camps you have to take a small 6 seater plane and fly over the beautiful expanse of the Okavango delta where you land on a dusty landing strip, often dodging the elephants as you land; the camps are remote to say the least.

You get a sense this is where Beks feels most at ‘home’, where the natural world rules and man is not actually the dominant factor but rather just a part of the puzzle. We have been stocking SOUL jewellery in the 'bush boutiques’ within Bek's camps for a number of years and we love how our jewellery is sold in the heart of Africa and yet travels to all corners of the World by the people who buy a piece. Beks has a few of our shirts and he definitely captures the essence of the startof our SOUL Nomad man collection.

What’s your most memorable adventure?A trip to the Congo and hiking for Gorillas in the pouring rain in the deep forests of Africa.

How does travel feed your soul?Travel and being in nature is my reset button and gives me a sense of freedom and liberation.

They say home is where the heart is. What does ‘home’ mean to you?Home is where my children and dog live. I love to see the world and experience it, but I do love returning back to my sense of belong.

What makes Africa special compared to others places you’ve been to?It’s the warmth of the people and the colourful characters that make it alive.

Can you tell us a little bit about how you started your business, African Bush Camps and what inspired you to do so?I started my career as a Safari Guide, which sent me traveling all over Africa sharing and show casing the natural wealth of the continent. Having experienced so much beauty and gifts of nature, my eyes were also opened up to the in-balances and persecution of our wildlife, our environment and the poverty in Africa. This was a call to action to participate and create something bigger than a one man band and begin to build legacies that would address these in-balances. My belief is that travel and tourism is a sustainable tool to build a better and more resilient continent.

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