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What inspires us

Our creative space and Soul offering is ever-evolving and we often have people asking us where we get our inspiration from. Our answer comes in many forms so we thought we'd unpack some of the wonderful area's that spark creativity in our ranges.


This is our play space. We love curating a corner around a unique piece we've found or vision boarding our studio walls with beautiful images, colours and tones that reflect our mood for that season. We bring this a step further and regularly create pop-up’s of homeware brands into our gallery space from linen ware to ceramics to artefacts collected form our travels.


We love artist Soo Piercy and her art has a special place in our hearts. We surround our gallery space with her art, an ongoing exhibition of her work and we have sold over 30 of her paintings up to date. Soo paints off the beaten track locations from around Africa that also inspire us from Lamu Island to Morocco to Sudan to name a few… they serve as a gentle reminder of the beauty of the African continent.

Pop into our gallery space to see for yourself or email us for images of her latest works.


The bustling African markets where we meet & source amazing artisans always has something new to offer. We find huge inspiration from their local techniques, materials and production methods. Getting to know the faces behind our pieces is also such a wonderful process for us.


Off the beaten track finds are our speciality. We adore really unique places like Lamu in Kenya. Old Town is just amazing with no cars, just donkeys & tons of natural beauty. No modern features, just beautiful doorways and a raw, un pretentious beauty embedded in tradition. It relates so well to our way of making jewellery. Every time we visit we feel like we're on a film set.

Textures & Natural Elements

Fabrics, wood and ceramics always find their way into our spaces, especially if they're made using traditional methods. We try to build our collections around interesting shapes, colours and lifestyles as apposed to trending fast-fashion ideas.

Visit our socials for more everyday inspirational ideas or shop our collection online via

Cowrie Ring
- Abi & Vics


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